GPH Ispat-Prothom Alo Engenius Competition (Structural Engineering Competition)


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Bangladesh Engenius Competition (Structural Engineering Competition) is Jointly organized by GPH Ispat and The Daily Prothom Alo.

Last date of entry

30th Sep 2019 (First Round)

Who may participant

The Engenius Competition (Structural Engineering Competition) is open to Civil engineering students the universities of the country. The third and fourth years of Graduate civil engineers students will be able to participate in the competition. Students who have passed BSc in civil Engineering after 1st July 2017 will be eligible to participate in this competition.




There are three (3) rounds::

  1. First Round: Documents that each team will receive for the contest after registering themselves-
    • The Architectural design of a residential building,
    • Soil test report of the plot,
    • BNBC code 2017,
    • RUJUK building construction rules,
    • A sample copy of the certificate of attestation by the department head of the university.
  2. Second Round:
    • The first selected 30 teams will participate in a two-three days structural design workshop,
    • At the end of the workshop, all teams will submit their completed designs within a specified period and these 30 groups will have to present their designs to the judiciary,
    • Based on the judgment of the judges, the top 10 teams will be selected for the final round.
  3. Final Round:
    • The best 10 groups members will be given the opportunity to do internship at a structural engineering firm for two weeks,
    • The best 10 group book members will be given the opportunity to do an internship at a structural engineering firm for two weeks,
    • Finally, 10 groups will present their final presentation to the judges on the commercial aspects of their designs and other issues,
    • The judges will select the three winning teams and the first-place group members will be declared ENGENIUS.


ENGENIUS competition is arranged to introduce civil engineering students to International Structure Engineering and to enhance their engineering skills.

Objective The construction structure of the future is as advanced, aesthetic. At the same time, a strong and solid foundation is established.

Entry Form, Terms And Condition:
  • Each group must submit a total of 5 drawings.
  • The competition will be group based. Members must be students / graduates of the same university.
  • There will be a maximum of three members per group.
  • Each group can have at least one graduate engineer.
  • Participants Rules must be followed by BNBC 20 (recommended) code and the Razuk building construction rules in terms of the structural design.
  • The competition will be held in three steps.
  • The answer to each topic should be in English, in a maximum of 150 words in the Times New Roman font.
  • Each team will submit a maximum of 12 pages online.
  • Each group has to register to participate in the competition on this Website.
  • GPH Ispat-Prothom Alo En-genius Competition Facebook Page.


The first winner group will have the opportunity to tour a planned city. In addition, there are prizes for other winners.

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