4th Banglabid 2020


About the Competition

Ispahani Mirzapur Banglabid, a meritorious TV reality show on the Bengali language, has been started 2017 in the country's most popular TV channel, 'Channel I', under the initiative of Ispahani Tea Limited, one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. Ispahani Mirzapur Bangla Bangla is organized by Ispahani to promote the practice and use of correct the Bangla language, spelling, and grammar to the new generation of this country.

In this competition, the final winner is selected at the end of different Rounds. through the use of pure Bengali language, the practice of spelling, pure pronunciation, and grammar.


The Ispahani Mirzapur Banglabid 2020'4th competition is organized by Ispahani Tea Ltd, one of the leading companies in Bangladesh.

The goal of the competition

The goal of this competition is to Protect students from learning from textual and classroom outcome studies and the aggression of foreign languages, cultures and make learning fun; Finding the best blend of talent and mindfulness through this competition based on merit and psyche and contribute to the formation of a prosperous nation.

The purpose of this competition is to find out among you the best blend of intellectual and mindful people who will be able to showcase their ability to use Bangla language, spelling, and Bangla words. Register those who want to be true language soldiers through the different selection process based on merit and psyche. Some of you will be native Bengalabid.

Last date of entry

On Going

Who may participant

The competition has 2 Rounds:

  • Selection Round,
    1. First Step:

      In the first phase, MCQ Test 40 Marks. The top 20 will be nominated for the next step. Time: 60 minutes.

    2. Second Step:

      In the second step, The will be selected to participate in the final round.

  • Final Round:

    In the Final round "Channel I" Studios will find out Ispahani Mirzapur Banglabid 2020, which will be aired on Channel.

Who may participant

The 4th Banglabid 2020 competition is open to Bangladeshi Students:

  • Any student from Class 6 (Six) to 10 (Ten) will be able to participate (Except for the SSC examiner).
  • English medium Students from Standard Six 6 to O-level will be able to participate in the Contest.


All Over Bangladesh.

Registration process

Those who wish to participate in this competition must register and participate in the competition.

A participant may perform registration activities through any of the following 3 processes:-

  1. SMS

    BANGLABID <space> NAME <space> AGE <space> CLASS <space> DIV [ঢাকা, ময়মনসিংহ, রাজশাহী, রংপুর, বরিশাল, সিলেট, খুলনা ও চট্টগ্রাম বিভাগের জন্যে যথাক্রমে DHK, MYM, RAJ, RNG, BAR, SYL, KHL, CTG এবং কুমিল্লা ও নিকটবর্তী জেলার শিক্ষার্থীদের জন্যে CML] পাঠিয়ে দাও 26969 নম্বরে।

    The application will be confirmed via a return SMS.

  2. Online

    In this process, an applicant will be able to register through the online process. Click the button below to apply online. After clicking, a sub-menu will appear asking for the required information. Provide the required information and click on the submit button. If the application is successful, it will be automatically confirmed through a short message.

  3. Banglabid 2020 Registration Form

  4. Hand Writing Form

Terms and Conditions:

  • A participant can register only once. No second registration attempt will be accepted,
  • Registration must be done by filling in SMS, Online and Direct forms,
  • On the day of the selection period, the participant will have to show the short message / SMS of his / her registration successfully,
  • On the day of selection, the participant will be required to bring along with his / her 2 copy passport size photograph, photocopy of the birth registration certificate and the school's original ID and photocopy. Photographs and photocopies must be submitted at the competition Place.,
  • This registration will be deemed canceled at any time for any misinformation.

The Previous Years Banglabid

Banglabid Time Table

  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Sylhet.
  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Barisal.
  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Rajshahi.
  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Rangpur.
  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Chittagong.
  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Dhaka.
  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Khulna.
  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Comilla.
  • Selection Round Date Banglabid 2020 Maymunshing.


The top three will be selected in the final competition:

  • The First Winner Will Receive Total cash Tk. 10,00000 for Merit.
  • The Second Winner Will Receive Merit Scholarship Total cash Tk. 3,00000.
  • The Third Winner Will Receive Merit Scholarship Total cash Tk. 2,00000.

Also, the first ten contestants will get 1 laptop/each and Tk. 50,000 for a person library with a Bengali book and bookcase. There are special honors and memorabilia for the top schools. Out of the contestants in the selection phase, 3 will receive a special prize in handwriting.

Entry fees

The Channel I Banglabid 2020 Registration is free.

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