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JSC Result 2020 : JDC Result 2019

Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate is the second public exam in Bangladesh. If you are looking for JSC Result 2020, this is the right place for you. Currently, all of the JSC exam in Bangladesh and their parents and relatives are feeling excited. This means that it is now a trending topic in Bangladesh. They are looking for official updates on the release date of the JSC results. The results check process is very important for these individuals. Nowadays, all users have a smartphone and internet device. They can use their internet devices and an internet connection to quickly and quickly check their results.Edication Board Result.

We are giving all the details about JSC and Equivalent Result 2020 Bas this is basically the Class Eight Completion Test. After studying Class Eight, students take the JSC exam. Each year, the JSC exam begins in the first week of November and ends in two weeks. This year the JSC Examination started in November 2019 and ended on November 15, 2019, Meanwhile Meanwhile, the JSC result 2019 is about to be released. Let's find out more about the JSC result release date and the results check system. Read more about SSC Result 2020.

JSC Result 2020 Bangladesh:

The JSC exam was first started on the 20th. Prior to this exam, students usually took annual exams to take part in the upper class (Class Nine). Make the start time, the JSC exam dates will continue the first week of November. The Ministry of Education conducts tests that are conducted by the Education Board Bangladesh. Eight general education boards of Bangladesh are working on JSC exams. Only the Madrasa Education Board controls the JDC exam which is similar to and equal to the JSC. Let's read the JSC exam result from this content below. For example, if you are looking for Dhaka Board JSC Result 2019, you will find this post.

JSC Result 2020 Publish Date Official Updates

When will the JSC exam result be published in Bangladesh? Currently, this question is being asked by many people. From the beginning of the JSC exam (2010), JSC results have been released in the last week of December. This year, authorities will also release the results in December last week. Presumably, JSC Result 2019 will be released on December 31, 2019, at 2.30 pm.

General elections in Bangladesh are underway. The date chosen for the general election on December 30, 2019, 2019 If the election date is held, the date of JSC result will change due to the environment of Bangladesh. Please check out the official updates for JSC Result 2019 from this website. We will add all updates after an announcement from the authority's end.

How to Check JSC Result 2020?

In this step, we are detailing the JSC Result 2020 Checking System. There are several systems available to check the results. Both online and offline systems are available to check the JSC Exam Result 2019. The online system is like the official Result Check Portal of Education Board or PSC and JSC Result 2019 Android App. The offline system is a mobile SMS. We have already informed that 5% of Bangladeshi now use mobile phones. A smartphone percentage is higher than the featured phone (smartphone). So, people would prefer to test their results online. On the other hand, the mobile SMS system is the second most popular method. However, we are detailing all the systems in order to provide us with a better experience.

JSC Result 2020 from Online

One of the most popular online systems for verifying the results of any test. Results of public examinations of all countries published online. It is also a popular system in Bangladesh. The Ministry of Education, Bangladesh, and the Education Board Result published the results online. JSC Result 2019 will be the first to publish online. It will publish two official result portals and the official website of the entire Board of Education (the internal results check portal of the specified board).

First, you will find your result on the Bangladesh Official Result Check Portal of Education Board. It is Below you will find detailed information about this Official Result Portal of Bangladesh Education Board. This server will deliver your results as early as 01:00 PM or 01:30 PM. You need to have your JSC Roll Number and Registration Number ready to check the JSC Result 2019 online from the official website of the Board of Education results.

Another official website will Published JSC Result 2019 online. This is known as the web-based results publishing system of the Board of Education as its website address This web portal will provide your JSC Result 2019 online by simply entering the JSC roll number. However, you can also provide your JSC registration number to get detailed results.

Each Board of Education will publish its internal board results on its official website. Imagine that you are looking for the Dinajpur Board JSC Result 2020 You can view it directly on Not only JSC, but you will also get SSC and HSC results from the desired website. Like this, you will get other board results from the Board Official Result Portal

JSC Result 2020 Board Wise

A quick way for students to access JSC marks is to check the results according to the board. Each board has a separate official website through which students can check their results as soon as they are published on the respective portals. Here we are going to give details of each board including the JSC Result 2019 Checking process online and via SMS from that particular board.

JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board

The Dhaka Board of Education is one of the largest. The Board has its own website, excluding the site of Bangladesh Education Board and it is given below. After announcing the result, students from all the districts of Dhaka Dhaka are advised to visit the official site of Dhaka Board and follow the instructions for accessing the results.

The Dhaka Board will send SMS for JSC result 2019 verification. Here are the SMS format and number.

Mobile SMS: JSC DHA Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

JSC Result 2020 Barisal Board

Barisal Division It has its board as a board for six districts under the Barisal Education Board. Thousands of students who have successfully completed their JSC exams and waited for the Barisal Board JSC Result 2019 can wait a few more days. Immediately after the results are out, Bangladesh's education board site will be flooded with the request of millions of users present for the exam. In this case, the site may be down and students may not have access to their JSC test scores as soon as possible. But don't worry as we have alternative sites for the Barisal Board and candidates can check their results from any of the sites provided below.

The Barisal Board also has an SMS mechanism to verify the JSC results. The format and official mobile numbers are available below for your reference.

Mobile SMS: JSC BAR Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

JSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board

To check the JSC Result Chittagong Board 2019, students need to know a few details so as not to waste your valuable time on the results day. Chittagong Board is another Board of Bangladesh Education Board. The Board has its own official site to give all updates to the Chittagong Board education such as exam results, results, and schedules, etc. So, we recommend taking a look at the following sites on the day of the JSC 2019 Examination. They provide a link to check JSC scores as soon as possible. So, if the official site is not available, you can visit the Chittagong board portals listed here and check the marks in online mode.

Students can also check their Chittagong Board JSC Result 2019 through the SMS method through other SMS methods. Please check the details below to know clearly the SMS process.

Mobile SMS: JSC CHI Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

JSC Result 2020 Comilla board

The Comilla Department has its own Board for Education and it is the Comilla Education Board which is one of the oldest boards in the country. The six districts of the division will be covered by this board. Under this board, millions of students will pass their JSC exams every year. Students of this board have the opportunity to check their Comilla Board JSC Result 2019 from their own official site. The URL for this site is available below for student reference.

Comilla board students can also check their numbers through SMS. The SMS process is detailed here.

Mobile SMS: JSC CHI Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

JSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur is one of the new boards of Bangladesh formed in 2006. It oversees junior and intermediate education in the Dinajpur division as well as secondary education. It is responsible for the education of the eight districts of the division. Institutions of Kurigram, Rangpur, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari, Gaibandha, Dinajpur, Panchagarh and Thakurgaon are covered under this board. Candidates appearing in JSC Examination under this board can check their Dinajpur Board JSC Result 2019 official website. Here is a list of official sites, both old and new. Students can go to any one of these sites to publish the results and follow the instructions to get the results.

The SMS system is also available for the students of this board. All they have to do is check out the SMS provided here and type the same message with self roll in place of the roll number and send it to the official number 16222.

Mobile SMS: JSC DIN Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

JSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board

The Rajshahi Education Board is located in Rajshahi Division and is responsible for the education of this department. There are a total of eight districts under this section. Under this board, all Students from all districts receive their JSC education. There is an official website for this board that gives complete information about JSC education. With the JSC exams now over, students will look forward to the JSC Result Rajshahi Board 2019. Although the official site of the Education Board of Bangladesh is available, it may take a long time to check your results on that day. Therefore, we advise students to stay in touch with the official portals of the Rajshahi Board as they too will be updated with the result link at the same time on the day of the announcement.

In addition to checking results online, students have the opportunity to check JSC results via SMS and through the Android app. Here, we are going to detail the SMS format for Rajshahi Board to get JSC exam number.

Mobile SMS: JSC RAJ Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

JSC Result 2020 Jessore Board

Earlier, the Jessore Board was established for Khulna Division. However, it was later changed for Jessore Division. There are 3 districts under BSEC Jessore which include Kushtia, Meherpur, Chuadanga, Jessore, Narail, Jhenaidah, Khulna, Magura, Bagerhat, and Satkhira. Now more than 25,000 schools have been accredited by the Jessore Board and in these schools, more than a million students are receiving their eighth-grade education. There are many other boards from which millions of students follow eighth grade in Bangladesh. Since the education system is difficult for all these students, the mainboard has separated the different boards for different departments. A separate website has also been created for each board to give all the news and updates related to the education of the students. As part of this, the Jessore Board JSC Result 2019 will be available on the official site provided here. So, follow that site and check your marks.

JSC Result 2019 The SMS method for checking the Jessore board is also available without the online method. To know how to do this, see the details below.

Mobile SMS: JSC JES Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

JSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board

Sylhet Division has its own education board for all the districts of the Division and it is the Sylhet Education Board of Bangladesh. In 1999, the board began its activities, studying in four districts of Sylhet Division. They are Moulvibazar, Sylhet, Sunamganj, and Habiganj. Under this board, thousands of classes pass the eighth grade for the next level of education. JSC Result Sylhet Board is waiting for 2019 to find out if students are eligible for further studies this year. To facilitate this, the Sylhet Board has an official website to publish the results along with the official website of the Bangladesh Education Board. After visiting that site, students can easily access their JSC marks on the day the results are released. The URL of the site is available for reference below.

Other methods available for accessing Sylhet board JSC results via SMS and mobile app through the method for the mobile app are available above. Now, we are detailing the SMS process on the Sylhet board to get JSC number.

Mobile SMS: JSC SYL Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

JDC Result 2020 Madrasah Board

Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) is a JSC examination as well as a board examination conducted under the Madrasa Board every year. The results will also be released at the same time every year for JSC and JDC. There is an official website for the Madrasa Board so that the JDC result 2019 will be published. There are several ways to verify the JDC results online and by SMS. Students taking the JDC Exam can go any method and test their score after the official announcement of the JDC result. JDC results are expected at the same time as JSC results will be available by the end of December. If you would like to check the results in online mode, visit the Madrasa Board official site here.

You can easily check the JDC marks by visiting this Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board website. However, no details are required to check the marks. Madrasa Board will publish the JDC Result 2019 pdf format separately with all roll numbers and all GPAs of all districts or divisions. Students can simply download the JDC results from their respective board-based or district or division-based PDL official site and check their grades or GPA. However, through the board result site mentioned above, students can check their personal results without any hassle. For a detailed procedure, see the JDC result of the Madrasa Board article available on our website.

Mobile SMS: JSC MAD Your Roll Number 2019, Then Send to 16222

The Madrasa Board has the SMS format for accessing the above-mentioned JDC symbols. Just type the same SMS with your details like roll number in your mobile messaging app and send it to 16222. Each SMS sent from your mobile will cost 2.44 BDT for any mobile operator. Once you send the SMS you will receive a reply message with your JDC subject-based score and overall number or grade. Hopefully, this information will be useful. Students can also verify their JDC result through mobile apps like JSC Result and the process is available above.

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