"Closeup Kache Ashar Oshomapto Golpo-2" 2020


About the Competition

Some love stories remain unfinished. Looking for a story like "Closeup Kache Ashar Oshomapto Golpo-2". If you have an incomplete story like this, send it to this website by January 20, 2020.


The Closeup Kache Ashar Oshomapto Golpo competition is organized by Unilever Bangladesh.

Last date of entry

20th Jan 2020

Who may participant

The Closeup Kache Ashar Oshomapto Golpo 2020 competition is open to Bangladeshi Citizen. The Participants will be 18 years of age or older.


All Over Bangladesh.


Only certain 4 questions have to be answered for making the "Oshomapto Kache Ashar Golpo".

The (4) Four Question is-

  1. How did the first meet?
  2. How does love begin?
  3. Why did have to go away?
  4. At this moment - If you want to say something to him, What to say?


Terms and Conditions:

  • The story must be in a maximum of 500 words,
  • Contestants must provide their full name, occupation, email id, mobile number, current address information along with the story. Without this information, the story would not be acceptable,
  • Participants of the Contest agree and acknowledge that Unilever Bangladesh Limited and its affiliates reserve the right to promote or use the information and information sent to the contestants, in their various advertisements or other requirements,
  • Later Unilever Bangladesh Limited will store the information of the contestants to communicate with other campaign needs,
  • The story must be creative and personal. If any participant violates intellectual property rights, Unilever Bangladesh Limited shall not be liable and Unilever Bangladesh Limited bears the right to terminate any such story where the intellectual property rights have been violated,
  • Please Missed call in this Number- 09-613-001-400. Then the call will be back. Then a beep can be heard and the story will be shared after hearing the word.,
  • A panel of independent judges will select the top 10 stories by judging creativity and story quality. Making a drama will be based on the top five stories, which will be broadcast on electronic and digital media. Also, There will be Attractive gifts for the top 5 stories,
  • In the selection of the story, the decision of Unilever Bangladesh Limited or an independent judge panel will be final,
  • After the selection process, the top 5 contestants will be notified directly by Unilever Customer Care line on their provided mobile number,
  • Contestants are informed that Unilever Bangladesh Limited will retain ownership of the top 5 stories selected to participate in the 'Closeup Kache Ashar Oshomapto Golpo-2' campaign and Contestants may be required to participate in other activities related to the competition in addition to personal interviews, photographs, video imagery and talk shows,
  • No one from the campaign-related organization can take part in this competition,
  • Unilever Bangladesh Limited reserves the right to suspend / discontinue or change, modify and modify or cancel any of these Terms at any time,
  • Contact Unilever customer Care for any competition-related Information- 09-666-999-666,
  • Upload Softcopy Must MS Word or PDF, Maximum File Size 5MB.

How to send Oshomapto Kache Ashar Golpo

  • Missed call: 096 1300 1400, Or-
  • Email:, Or-
  • Website: Or,
  • Write a soft copy within 500 words and Upload the Website.

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Entry fees

The Kache Ashar Oshomapto Golpo 2020 Registration is free.

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