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Sobai Vinno Eksathe Ononno is organized by USAID/Bangladesh.

Last date of entry

29th July, 2019

Who may participant

Sobai Vinno Eksathe Ononno is open to Bangladeshi citizens between age 18-26 years old.




“Let there be different opinions, different destinations You and I become ‘We’ through collaboration Let’s become one Bangladesh- come and blend Let’s show the whole world how strong we stand.”

Every individual is unique. Each one of us has own opinion, culture, faith, ethnicity, and belief, which might be different from other. These differences in individual perspective and practices make us diverse. Whether we live on the hills or in the plains, from the cities or from a remote village, follow Islam or Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism- it doesn’t really matter as long as Bangladesh remains secular keeping all our differences aside.

“Shobai Vinno Eksathe Ononnyo” - the mission of this campaign is to share the stories of this continuing journey towards a better future of the country driven by the unity among its diverse people. Most importantly, we want to reach the vibrant and creative young segment of the population with these stories so that they can realize all the positive achievements of the nation always had the youth behind the wheels. We believe, the youth of today will build the future of Bangladesh. One day, this young people will take the country to a new height.

“Sobai Vinno Eksathe Ononno” campaign has taken the initiative of hosting talk shows on radio featuring successful young individuals and experts from different sectors, running promotion on TV highlighting the secular spirit, achievements, and endeavors of the youth, and collecting stories on theme “Shobai Mile Amra Bangladesh” (Bangladesh is What We Are Together). Later on, short films based on selected stories will be made and promoted. Apart from these, we will organize discussion sessions with young people to know more about their perspective.

We all have our differences, but while together we can become amazingly unique- this learning may take us forwards to an exemplary course of achievements in the world.

Entry Process

Can send the story
P.O. Box No. 6090৯০
Gulshan Post Office, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212
-Phone 018416882669 to know more about this number.

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Newspaper Source

The Daily Prothom Alo, Date: 04/05/2019, Page No: 19.

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